About Us

In 2021 Two like-minded fire signs got together and tied knots. Each of us had been working in different places in the world to help lift families, but wanted to do something more and make a difference together, universe gave us an opportunity What inspired her most was the idea of creating opportunities for women and artisans to thrive and be independent, as She herself is the most Creative and independent one among all of us.

So was born Flame N Decor, an enterprise that supports women and artisans through candle-making and beautifully crafted Decors, figures, easily refilled or repurposed for a lifetime of enjoyment. As we like to say, there's an emotion behind every candle we pour.

We also share the belief that equal opportunity for women and girls everywhere creates a brighter future for all thus here at FND we are trying to do same.

Welcome to the Flame N Decor


A candle Reminiscing your memories.

The sense of smell is the most powerful of all, directly linked to the amygdala and hippocampus, the areas of the brain holding all of our emotions and memories. This explains why we'll catch a whiff of certain smells that instantaneously transport us to another time or place or remind us of a specific person.

Our goal is for you to explore and experience new scents, and whether you're on a date, reading, meditating, celebrating, traveling, or simply with friends and family — together you create a custom fragrance inspired by a previously shared experience — so every time that candle is lit the aroma will remind you of each other, in that moment and place.


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